Individual assessment and therapy for stress related mental illness

The focus is on recovery from your problem so that you can best manage your stress and mental health so as to reach your full potential. The service provides individual assessment for stress related mental illness in a comfortable private setting.

Working to the principles of care, dignity and respect, Professor Lane will meet in partnership with you to assess your mental health problem and to create your individual care plan to best meet your needs and your situation. The aim is to support you in whatever way she can.Your family can be involved if you wish.

Holistic approach and therapy

Professor Lane works with a number of expert therapists in Dublin and through the country who specialise in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Reflective Therapy, Individual, Couple and Family Therapy and Bereavement Counselling and Stress Management.

She places great emphasis on therapy and will where possible combine therapy and if needed medication to ensure the best outcomes for you. Known for her holistic approach to mental health Professor Lane will work together with you to combine best mental health treatments with life style changes, diet and exercise.

You are not alone – Seeking help is the first, important step you make

Professor Lane is an Associate Dean of St. Patrick’s Mental Health Service. She can link you in with the Dean Clinic Network and the Wellness Recovery Centre Day Services at St. Patrick’s Mental Health Service should your problem require more intensive input.

If you are in distress and between the ages of 18 and 65 you can ask your GP, Consultant or Occupational Health Doctor to make a referral to Dr. Lane.

Useful Information

Professor Lane is registered with all the major health insurers and although it depends on your particular health insurance plan the cost of your appointment and follow up care should be part reimbursed. The remainder can be offset against your tax.

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